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Legal Aid Clinic for Prisoners

ssupported by
Criminal Law and Criminology 
Department of the Faculty of Law, Maastricht University

The Legal Aid Clinic for Prisoners was founded in 2020 and it enjoys the support of the Criminal Law and Criminology Department of the Faculty of Law of Maastricht University.


Our aim is to promote awareness of the rights of the individuals involved in the criminal justice system, provide legal aid to the individuals in the prisons in Roermond and Sittard, and facilitate the professional growth of Law students of Maastricht University by means of real-time legal practice.

We advocate for a rehabilitative criminal justice system, a legal culture/system of non-punitive ends, a continuum of socialisation and dignity behind bars.

Notwithstanding the fact that some countries have redesigned their institutional mission to include a clear objective of rehabilitation and social reintegration, this objective is only a first step towards a more humane and integrated prison system. To that aim, we promote awareness on the rights of one of the most vulnerable groups in society in order to roll-back unaccountable social prejudice. Furthermore, we strive to facilitate prisoners’ rights by way of pro bono legal advice. 

We envision a criminal justice system of non-punitive ends and a solidary society.

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